i want to kiss damien rice, drink with ernest hemingway and marry f scott fitzgerald

have a nice day

my gay self

my gay poetry

im sick of poetic bullshit. the best way 2 sum me up is that im so depressed everything is funny and i think im the best fuckers

i'm the biggest faggot

a speech for last night

such a good night
thought it was gonna b shit
wasnt shit
at all
thank u to liz james alex carys gaby and every1 else
including my lovely laurence
for making it
the night
i needed

saw jurassic 5 last night so good but now im so hungover

i spend most of my time not seeing it
and never being able to physically feel it
but i spend all of my time besides it
and it sorta kinda hurts

Laurence and I were in Portsmouth yesterday and today for a press release of the Genium X3 (the new leg he has). Most of the day was pretty tiring because the PR people were fucking stupid and weren’t very good at their jobs (or more just fucking stupid which made them shit at their jobs). Anyways, the other side of it was good fun as the whole day was basically about broadcasting the news of the X3 which up until May this year was only available to military veterans. Basically, it’s a lot better than the old legs that are also available such as C-Legs (Ottobock) which is a pretty standard prosthetic although you cannot run with it nor get it wet , Genium’s (Ottobock) which are second; basically they’re like the X3 but you can’t get them wet or fully run with them, and NHS prosthetics that are not as advanced as things released by Ottobock. It’s a really great leg, very advanced piece of technology and at the highest form of substitute you could really get. It’s really cool now because Laurence can completely run and get the entire leg wet which is such an advantage for everyday life.

It really was a lovely day minus the interviews and some of the people. We went sailing around Gosport, completely into the middle of the sea for around 2 hours. Perfect day for sailing, warm and sunny but still some wind. We sailed on Richard’s (Laurence’s prosthesis) boat (30 ft yacht). Richard’s a really good guy. Very smart, nice guy. There’s no one Laurence could really have that would be better than him. Richard and Laurence are both big sailors so it’s nice for the extra conversation as well as business for them. He’s very polite to us both and doesn’t really dumb us down like a lot of the people we met today.

A few of the people interviewing today were a bit full on and no one really seemed to be able to get their facts right. It’s a bit annoying as at the end of the day everyone was treating Laurence a bit more like business than a person. I just enjoyed the sail lol. Also, a lot of the statements and questions were very just…dumb. ‘Is it really bionic? Like sci-fi bionic?’ YES HE’S A ROBOT!!!!!! HE IS NOT HUMAN!!!!!! shut up. And someone also asked Richard who pays his salary. Why do you need to know?!

I’m so happy for Laurence though. And for Richard all of the people at ProActive Prosthetics. They are so lovely and good at what they do. I’m happy Laurence has them.

Here are some of the articles, although a few facts are wrong in some of them (and for some reason sometimes journalists can change the way you spell your name every few sentences….)






gunna party next friday like it’s 2015

that one direction shit is so funny

i think you could’ve
spent forever
never knowing a single
mark in my past

but i tormented you with
terrible headaches that
you always asked to
hear nothing about.

why didn’t i just
see it then?

i’m sorry,

i really am.
it’s not something
i ever processed to be a
defining heartache

i always supposed you were just
the break and make
in all our silly

why couldn’t i have
just let us been two

instead of living in a world
of everyone but


tides may
pull us

but i will
always be




to the
of the

We were just blank canvases for each other

Bits were ripped from yours.
Tangled and torn from the sea

Mine was a shell
Of childlike curiosity

You tried to tie in blues and greens
From the oceans you have sailed

But I sat there; pale faced,
Tangling and tearing
all of your efforts.

I glued newspaper prints
Onto the edges of my canvas
And ignored all of your artistic
Hints & tricks

Preferring everyone else’s.

Do you think if I had just listened,
Rather than painting over your work-piece,

I could’ve been your art-piece?
Or do you think we would’ve ended up
Exactly as we are:

just blank canvases for each other.

I wanted to spill paint all over you
And erupt you with my red and
Black oils

You just wanted me to be blue
And purple
And orange
And every colour in every sunset
And sunrise and
Surprise you had inside of you.

I just ignored your attempts of sticking me
Onto your canvas
With a bit of glue.

I wanted you to tear me and
Spoil me rotten;
Invade me into every inch of that
Blank map you called a home.

I could’ve just listened.

You never once tried to doubt me.

And now we’re stuck

with my painting
Falling off of the wall in a shitty
B & B

Your painting
Lamenting besides mine.

Just a simple title
Placed at the head of both:

"We woke up in a different city today
And now we’re not even together”